Super simple privacy policy:

  1. We don’t collect, store, or share any personal information about our visitors.
  2. We use Piwik analytics, which allows us to understand very basic information about who is visiting, how they got here, and what they do while they’re here. It also looks up the location of the visitor’s IP address. We chose Piwik because it’s open source technology that allows us (and only us) to control the data – other popular options (e.g. Google Analytics) requires sharing data with the technology provider. Piwik sets first party cookies to do its job. You can learn more about Piwik here.
  3. Our Facebook page gives us some information about how Facebook users have interacted with that page, but we don’t pass data back and forth from our site to Facebook.
  4. Some of our fonts are loaded from Google’s font library.
  5. The site uses a local WordPress installation and is hosted by Namecheap. Neither disclose the collection of data from their clients/users.
  6. If we change this privacy policy, we’ll post a notice to let you know. This policy was last updated on Februray 13th, 2016 and is effective from that date.
  7. If you have any questions or notice something that doesn’t add up, please let us know:

We really care about keeping things in check,┬ábut┬ásome data collection is required to keep the site together. We aren’t using advertising yet, but understanding how many people are reading and where they’re coming from is an important step toward recovering the costs of running the site. It would be great if you would consider whitelisting us in any adblocking or privacy tools you’re using in your browser.