Matt Rose

Matt Rose is a geek who's long list of interests read like someone who is still in the basement. He enjoys comics, video games, role-playing games, miniatures, card games, board games, and movies. He is also a long-time suffering Minnesota sports fan. In his time not consumed by his massive list of hobbies, he does market analysis for Geek Squad and spends time with his understanding wife Chelsie and their two geek-in-training children, Ellie and Flynn.

Who Deserves the Deadpool Treatment?

Brace yourselves, R-rated superhero movies are coming. It is inevitable that Deadpool’s massive success will have every suit in Hollywood looking for the next “merc-with-a-mouth” success story (an opening weekend gross of $135 million in February tends to get attention(1)). As the wanna-be geeks in tinsel-town try and determine the best bet at the box…