Andy Kahl is big nerd in every way you could make that description fit. He created As Far As I Know in an effort to merge his incessant need to find and understand data about any given thing with his incessant need to talk about movies and tv shows and books and comic books and music. He's held senior analyst and research positions with a bunch of different ad tech companies, and is pretty decent at a pub quiz, but is terrible at bowling.

It’s Fitinta Get Real

This is the true story of three guys who sit in their houses and have their voices taped. Find out what happens when they stop talking about Star Wars and decide to make their own reality show! The As Far As I Know Reality Show Episode!


What’s So Civil About War, Anyway?

Did you guys hear about this Captain America movie? There’s like, a bunch more guys in it besides Captain America, and they all totally fight, and it’s totally sweet. But who wins the real data-driven battle between Misters Rogers and Stark? Plus Computron 2000(tm) gets a little uppity.


Now You’re Just a TV Show I Used to Know

There is no more fickle romantic partner than a television show. You give it loads of time and attention, you invest emotionally, and then – thanks to factors totally out of your control – it’s cancelled. This week the guys pour one out for the prime-time programs that couldn’t be here with us. Which shows do…


Toying With the Best 80s Toy

In this week’s episode, we get plastic and fantastic while talking about 80’s toys. Can anything take down the mighty Transformer? How influential was the Nintendo? Is the Rubik’s cube even technically a toy? We get to the bottom of these questions plus Matt cries about a robot, Fozzie class-shames Andy, and our dads get a really…


The Most Disappointing Movie

So that Batman v Superman movie came out and it’s everybody’s least favorite thing ever. It got us wondering, what’s the most disappointing movie of all time? We look at some numbers behind the movies that bothered us the most. Join us as we remember the movies we’d like to forget and teach Fozzie two new words in the…

Poor Bleach Theives

Batman v Superman (Donna Justice)

The thing that’s always been missing from the Batman v Superman fight is MATH. The guys tackle a tough one this time – which superhero is better? Matt and Andy go toe-to-toe in a battle for the ages, leaving Fozzie standing in the rubble of Metropolis trying to pick up the pieces. But who will…


The People’s Oscar

George Miller and Mad Max: Fury Road are nominated for several Oscars, so they’ll represent geeks everywhere at Hollywood’s most prestigious event on Sunday. That got us thinking – if Mad Max wins best picture, will it be the best example of “The People’s Oscar”? How much does the Academy differ from an everyday person? Join…

Hollywood legend has it the Oscar statuette was modeled after Mexican actor and director Emilio Fernandez.

The Least Likely Oscar

Sometimes Hollywood insiders baffle themselves. It’s Oscar season, and that means it’s Oscar prediction season! Prognostications are all over the web (Walt Hickey at FiveThirtyEight is your one-stop if you’re only making one stop), so we’re not going to recreate those here. Instead, we’re taking a look at times that films broke the trends and won Hollywood’s top…


The Best Star Wars Movie

Episode 1 – The Best Star Wars Movie Strong feelings and differing opinions run rampant across the galaxy. A small band of NERDS have just started a PODCAST to try to answer questions using data and analysis. FOZZIE BARE and MATT ROSE join ANDY KAHL to try to definitively answer which of the STAR WARS films is the…