The People’s Oscar


George Miller and Mad Max: Fury Road are nominated for several Oscars, so they’ll represent geeks everywhere at Hollywood’s most prestigious event on Sunday. That got us thinking – if Mad Max wins best picture, will it be the best example of “The People’s Oscar”? How much does the Academy differ from an everyday person? Join your hosts Andy Kahl, Fozzie Bare, and Matt Rose as they dissect just how snobby the Academy members (and Andy) can be, and wonder who exactly are the people choosing the “People’s Choice”?

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Programming note – we got this episode out early so it would be in advance of Sunday night’s awards. We’re dropping back into our normal schedule with our next episode, which will release on 3/15.

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  1. Ev Rotten
    February 28, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    Interesting analysis. Would have thought there would be more than six, but good to know.

    If the Big Short wins, is it sort of a “comeback of the year” for Adam McKay after a rather panned Anchorman 2?

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