It’s Fitinta Get Real

This is the true story of three guys who sit…

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What’s So Civil About War, Anyway?

Did you guys hear about this Captain America movie? There’s…

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Now You’re Just a TV Show I Used to Know

There is no more fickle romantic partner than a television…

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Toying With the Best 80s Toy

In this week’s episode, we get plastic and fantastic while…

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The Most Disappointing Movie

So that Batman v Superman movie came out and it’s¬†everybody’s…

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Poor Bleach Theives

Batman v Superman (Donna Justice)

The thing that’s always been missing from the Batman v…

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Who Deserves the Deadpool Treatment?

Brace yourselves, R-rated superhero movies are coming. It is inevitable…

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The People’s Oscar

George Miller and Mad Max: Fury Road are¬†nominated for several…

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Hollywood legend has it the Oscar statuette was modeled after Mexican actor and director Emilio Fernandez.

The Least Likely Oscar

Sometimes Hollywood insiders baffle themselves. It’s Oscar season, and that…

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Has Magic the Gathering Missed the Digital Gaming Boat?

For a 20+ year old collectible card game created in…

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